The safety and wellbeing of the people we care for and our staff is of paramount importance. To ensure this we have implemented a number of precautious, extra steps in accordance with the latest expert advice, including ensuring all our care assistants are provided with and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as; aprons and gloves.

Here’s how we are protecting our clients and employee’s during coronavirus

This is the key section of the website, to outlining the measures that POVA Care is taking to apprehend the safety of clients and carers during the pandemic. It includes information about PPE for employee’s and any new adaptations that are in place to protect clients. This is accommodated by POVA Care’s policies.

We take the health and safety of our clients and care staff very significantly and our priority is to insert the correct procedures where required and provide personal & professional support, so we can safely and consistently continue to provide safe, reliable, care to our clients during the outbreaks of corona virus and the pandemic.

We are pragmatically inferring the situation to current dates, following the latest guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care & Public Health England, including providing the necessary, primary, personal protective equipment (PPE). We are also in active communication with the Care Quality Commission, the United Kingdom Home Care Association and local authorities.

POVA’s staff are aware of and trained in infection prevention and control, and our Care Supervisors are supporting their practices, ensuring they achieve the highest standards and that additional precautions are implemented, through risk assessments.

  • POVA Carer’s should wash their hands and wrists for at least 20 seconds upon arrival, throughout and exiting each client’s home (prevents infection spread).
  • POVA Carer’s will wear new disposable gloves and a plastic apron for each client visit. These will be binned as they leave from the client’s home.
  • POVA Carer’s will not perform any casual gestures (shake hands) with anyone, anywhere, avoid hugging or being close to anyone aside from the immediate family they live with.
  • POVA Carer’s will not share the same cups, crockery or water bottles with other members of staff or clients.
  • POVA Carer’s must wash their uniform or work clothing daily.